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111.11: [buzz of Codec]

Longshot here.

000.00: Khorosho! This is...Alexei.

111.11: ...it's good to hear from you.

Is everything all right?

000.00: Did you talk to Lemsky?

111.11: If by 'talk,' you mean, 'give him shit about his timing,' then yes.

000.00: [laugh]

Ah, well, there was that. Apart from that...did he mention what he'd done?

111.11: ...no.

He...tried to say something but...

Well. I didn't give him much of a chance.

What's going on?

000.00: He poisoned the target, Leshovik.

111.11: Oh god fucking dammit.

000.00: No, it's all right, I...

111.11: What?

000.00: I stopped it. Him. The target is alive.

111.11: Well...all right.


So...what's the next move?

000.00: I won't be coming home tonight.

111.11: ...are you going to tell me what's going on?

000.00: Da, comrade. I'm locked up. In the prison wing.

111.11: Shit!

000.00: It's all right, Longshot. I went willingly.

111.11: Okay.

I think there's something I'm missing, here.

Is this about...what you said our other option was, earlier today?

000.00: It's a show of good faith, comrade. It isn't as if I couldn't have resisted.

111.11: And so they're just going to let you out if you ask nicely?

000.00: Volgin will let me out. If he lives.

111.11: Why would he do that?

000.00: [sigh]

Because we have history, Viktor. [pause] Back when I had a name.

111.11: History?

Wait...is that why you stopped it?

000.00: No. No, I stopped it because we couldn't afford to have a messy, signature kill like Lemsky likes to pull off. It needs to be clean, and anonymous. Moscow would have been furious, at the eyebrows it would raise. Poison always looks like an inside job. And that's exactly what we don't want them to think.

111.11: ...all right.

000.00: Look, Leshovik- we don't talk about our lives, that's one of the cardinal rules. Why do you think they chose me for this mission? They wanted me because I used to serve under the command of the target.

111.11: Okay, all right, that's reasonable.

000.00: [laugh] I'm glad to have your approval, countryman.

111.11: So if he lives, you're going to kill him? And if he dies, what then?

000.00: He's not going to die.

111.11: Okay. So say he lives. What then?

000.00: We need to wait until you can get a clean shot on him. But there have been two botched jobs now. They're going to have him under glass.

We need to lay low until the situation relaxes.

111.11: All right...

Why don't you take him out?

000.00: Because a sniper can come from a distance. It can be any enemy. Again, a barehand kill smacks of an inside job- or a serious security breach.

111.11: ...

So what do you want us to do?

000.00: I want you...

111.11: ...yes?

000.00: ...

Sorry. Saying that made my mind wander. Did...everything pan out all right earlier? Did you and Aryol manage to get the job done for each other?

111.11: ...not really.

000.00: Well, you know...Lemsky...

111.11: Yeah. Lemsky.

And we got into an argument. It was stupid.

But I guess we made up, now.

000.00: That's good

Before he collapsed, I had enough time with Volgin to work the angle. I told him we were a covert anti-assassin squad, and let him assume we were deployed to react to the attempt on his life.

Volgin invited me to come stay on the base, along with my team. I intend to present you as a countersniper unit...


...As soon as the smoke clears.

For now, I need you and Aryol to hold in stasis. I don't think it will be long. Three days at the outside.

111.11: Okay. We can do that.

What about Lemsky?

000.00: ...I don't know. Keep an eye on that bastard. He seems to have his own agenda sometimes.

111.11: All right. I can do that.

000.00: I know. I know you can. I trust you, Leshovik, as a colleague.

111.11: Well...I trust you too.

I mean...

We need that, out here.

000.00: Yeah, we need that.

I need that.

111.11: Yeah.

So you're in the prison wing, huh?

000.00: The brig. [chuckle] This is a first, I must admit. At least like this.

111.11: Heh. Yeah.

Good thing they don't know you have Codec.

000.00: I'm glad I do. It's good to hear a comrade's voice before you sleep.

111.11: Yeah.

It is.

I'm glad you checked in.

...Aryol was getting worried.

I'll tell him you're all right, in the morning.

000.00: He already asleep?

111.11: Yeah. Conked out.

000.00: Where are you?

111.11: I'm here. In the tent, I mean.

Lying down.

Wasn't asleep yet, when you called.

000.00: Are you...holding him?

111.11: ...yeah.

He's here. He likes to sleep like that. Close.

Curled up against me. Arm around my stomach. Head against my chest.

000.00: Huh. Sounds nice.

111.11: Yeah. It is nice, actually.

Too bad...

000.00: Well, no...you and he...it's good. Like before.

111.11: I don't know.

There's something different...I don't know what.

And...it's not just me and him, now.

000.00: It is tonight. I would rather be there, you know. With a good comrade.

111.11: Yeah.

...I'd rather you be here, too.

000.00: ...What's happening to us, Viktor?

111.11: Christ.

Godammit, I don't know.

I just -



000.00: I'm sorry I left so abruptly, today. I was preoccupied with fixing the situation, with getting down to the Grad. It wasn't because...I was indifferent.

You know what I mean.

111.11: Yeah.

I know what you mean.

The mood was shot anyway.

...maybe we can try again, sometime.

000.00: I'd like that.

...I should let you sleep while you can.

111.11: What...about you?

000.00: I'll be all right. I'm just going to get a little nap. It's quiet here. [laugh]

111.11: Heh. Yeah. I can imagine.

So you're alone?

000.00: Utterly.

111.11: Almost makes me want to sneak in there, comrade.

000.00: [surprised laugh]

...I wish you could. How are your close-range stealth skills?

111.11: Not bad. Hiding is a sniper's first defense. Moving while others aren't watching. I could get there.

000.00: ...and what would you do when you got here?

111.11: I'd get on my knees and suck you off through the bars of your cell.

000.00: ...you're teasing me, comrade.

111.11: You're saying you wouldn't want that? Your cock in my mouth?

000.00: You know I want it.

111.11: ...


...I'm hard right now.

000.00: Me too, god. I have to be honest- after Lemsky showed his face, I thought I was done for the night.

111.11: Yeah. The fucker.

But...talking to you makes me want to beat off.

000.00: Are you suggesting...?

111.11: ...you said you're alone...

000.00: I am, I am.

...you think you can do it without waking up Eyes Adrift?

111.11: He's a heavy sleeper.

And...I jerked him off earlier. He came all over my hand and fell asleep.

000.00: That's sweet.

...I want to do this, comrade.

111.11: All right.

Just...imagine it's my hand on you. Opening up your fatigues. Putting my hand around you.

Touching you.


000.00: That's good. I can feel that. But I have to close my eyes. My hands are nothing like yours.

...Your hands are the first thing I noticed about you.

111.11: ...really?

I mean...


Yeah. Close your eyes. Just...breathe slow.

And imagine it's my hand holding you. Pulling out your cock.

I'd touch you slowly, if I were there. Hold your prick in my hand and start stroking it. Just at the base, at first. Slow...yeah. Like that. Real slow.

000.00: ...you're good at this.

Are you stroking off, comrade? Right now?

111.11: Yeah. Imagining it's you.

But my hands are nothing like yours.

So I have to imagine what it would feel like to have you touch me like this. Your hand around me, moving. Stroking with your thumb.

000.00: I prefer to use my mouth.

...I like to taste what I conquer.

There's something I want to do, when I see you again.

111.11: Oh, god...

Suck me off?


But afterward, you have to fuck me.

000.00: Yeah, I want to suck you off. But...I also want to...

God, I can't believe I'm saying this over CODEC. They better not be tapping us.

...I want to tongue your ass, comrade.

Christ, Moscow is going to love that if they're listening.

Whatever, who gives a fuck.

111.11: ...

...that's right.

Fuck them.

Let them listen.

...god. Now that's kinky, comrade.

000.00: Getting off in front of our handlers?

Bozhna, that's...close. Ah, yeah.

...you know, this is a white frequency. I don't think anyone could jam it. We're all alone.

111.11: You're right...they can't listen in, either.

Just you and me, comrade...

My hands. Your mouth.

...your tongue.

Feels good...doesn't it?

000.00: ...da, I'm hard as a fist.

They turned out the lights. I can pretend you're next to me.

It's good, comrade. Can you hear my breath?

I can hear yours. Heavy, like you're in the dark beside me.

Not long now...

111.11: Me too...

Ah...the bed smells like you. I can imagine you here.

Naked. Close.

Your skin against mine.


000.00: Khui.

...did you come, Vitya?

I'm on the edge, comrade.

111.11: ...ah...


Hot and wet, Alexei.

All over my hand. On my thighs.

...I'm still throbbing...

000.00: ...

God, yes. Beautiful.

Beautiful....all over your body, comrade. I want to pull out of your ass and come...all over your back....

...ah, ah fuck. Yes. Like that, just like that.

Huhn....ah christ.

111.11: Oh, god...

Did you come hard?

Splatter all over me?

You can come all over my back any time you want.

...Fuck, you have a dirty mouth.

I like it.

000.00: I did. Came like hell. It almost hurt, ripping out like that. But it was good, god-fucked good.

...Like dirty words, do you?

Heh...I'll remember that, Longshot.

111.11: ...I like hearing them from you.

Damn. If I were there right now, I'd lick you clean, and then kiss you, hot and slow.

000.00: Damn...that's nice.

Ah, I'd like to taste your lips right now. Like to fall asleep with you.

...you mind if I leave the CODEC open tonight?

111.11: Go ahead.

I'd like that too.

It'll be nice, to know you're there. Almost like you're close.

...it'll be good, when we're in the same place again.

000.00: Start packing up your gear tomorrow. It won't be long.

...I feel so relaxed. Think we can get some sleep?

111.11: Yeah.

I'm glad you called.

You're just what I needed, comrade.

000.00: No need to say goodbye, then. Just close your eyes, and I'll close mine.

111.11: All right.

Sleep well, Alexei.

000.00: Dream sweet, Viktor.
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