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Just so we're clear, this wasn't my idea.

Not that I'm complaining.


[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol watched them, and it felt like a revelation.

Leshovik laughing and smiling and fucking, all with a feral sort of abandon, as if the cold, cruel ball of anger he carried had simply fallen out of his pocket one day, unnoticed.

It made Leshovik seem younger, closer to Aryol's age. It made him look handsome and vital, the angles and edges of his face smoothed by soft amber camplight. It made his body turn as sleek and limber as a cat's, arching and rippling.

Aryol had never gotten the opportunity to do this, watch Leshovik when he fucked someone else. It gave him perspective, to see the sniper this way, to know there was more in him other than harsh need.

It thrilled Aryol to his core, to watch the two men he admired most loving each other.

He shrugged out of the shoulders of his jumpsuit so he could ease it down and free his trapped cock, then leaned back and stroked himself with long, even strokes, unconsciously matching the rhythm of the men he watched.

His mouth parted and his chest shuddered, and with his other hand Aryol toyed with one nipple, rubbing it between his fingers though the thin cotton tank, every part of him aroused and lit with slow fire.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Lynx's languid eyes left Leshovik for a moment, and sought their largely silent observer for the first time.

Aryol looked eager and overwhelmed, young and vigorous and longing. There was no jealousy there, only naked, unselfconscious fascination.

His eyes were bright and warm- with arousal and adoration.

Alexei found himself meeting the young soldier's eyes, and he nodded.

"It's all right," he murmured, softly, breathlessly. "You can come closer. You can touch him, if you want."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol's breath hitched with sudden exhilaration, and he nodded eagerly, stirred by the offer. He was out of the rest of his clothing in spare seconds, but slowed as he moved closer to the pair, coming to rest quietly near their joined hips.

The musk of sex and sweat was strong and heady, and the steady motion of their bodies made Aryol quiver.

He reached out to rest his hand against Leshovik's buttocks, and was immediately rewarded by the supple arch of Leshvoik's back, exactly like a cat responding to touch.

Leshovik turned his head to look at Aryol, which made Lynx look too. He met both of their gazes, smiling warmly, almost shyly, admiring how beautiful they both looked together.

The expression on Leshovik's face was one Aryol rarely saw, lips curved and soft, eyes deep but lowered. Gentle, relaxed and fond, and Aryol could tell that the sniper's smile was meant for him.

Aryol watched as Leshovik raised himself slightly, which made Lynx loosen his grasp, the powerful arms moving down to rest against Leshovik's flanks. Leshovik sat back on Lynx's hips, then leaned over and brought his mouth to Aryol's and kissed him slowly.

Aryol shivered and returned his kiss, leaving his hand at the small of Leshovik's back so he could feel the continuing and rhythmic motion.

They broke it off after a few moments of tender exploration, then Leshovik tilted his head and nudged Aryol toward Lynx.

Aryol grinned and leaned between the pair, his smile broad as he caught Lynx's mouth and kissed him, too.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei spared a hand for Aryol, running it down up his back, cupping his neck.

Keeping the gesture simple, unloaded.

The young soldier's smile seemed to persist, pervading the kiss, and Lynx was amused at his enthusiasm.

"Everything is a circus to you, isn't it," he whispered, affectionately, and ruffled the dark hair at the nape of his neck.

He leaned in and dropped his voice.

"There's something I want to say to Leshovik. Why don't you suck his cock a little, and I'll whisper in his ear."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol nodded, eyes gleaming and bright, and he immediately took Lynx's suggestion, maneuvering between them to capture Leshovik's cock in his mouth, taking him in him deep and slow, the way he liked.

Leshovik cursed, but fondly, and laid a hand on Aryol's head, stroking his hair and the back of his neck. His touch was gentle, and Aryol could feel him shudder.

Aryol kept one hand curled around Leshovik's haunches for leverage as he leaned lightly against Lynx's side, sucking, falling in with their motion, loving that they wanted to include him.

Aryol thought if there was anything better than a lover, it was having two, and he hoped that they could do this a lot more often.

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik found himself smiling and he met Lynx's gaze, shaking his head slightly.

He couldn't quite believe that he was technically having a threesome, which was a first for him and felt very decadent, though at the same time, it was Lynx and Aryol, and that almost felt like the most natural thing in the world.

The mutual sensations of Lynx's hard cock and Aryol's warm mouth nearly drove him to distraction, making him falter for a few moments before he resumed motion.

"Christ. This is good," he managed to breathe out, stroking Aryol's thick hair with one hand, leaning down slightly so he could brush his fingertips across Lynx's lips with the other.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei raised his eyes, watching Leshovik's face solemnly.

"Long Shot," he said, "I think you should give yourself to your spotter."

He said it with difficulty, exhaling roughly at the blissful sensation of fucking up into the sniper's tight body, and the visceral punch of watching Aryol's sultry mouth work his partner's prick over, inches from the penetration of his own pounding length.

"Let him take over. Let him take you."

He was willing to step aside, much as he was enjoying his time with Leshovik.

Alexei had a feeling the tables had never turned in the three years they'd been together. It was a gesture he couldn't help but urge Leshovik to make.

A selfless giving would go a long way in knitting the past wounds of uneven power.

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik considered Lynx's words but really wasn't in much of a state to find an objection. Right now it sounded like a damn fine idea, though he vaguely recalled that he'd always avoided it. Somehow having Aryol's prick up his ass would have been too much like...

He shuddered.

Too much like Kasya.

He didn't want to think about Kasya now, not when he was feeling so good and enjoying himself. But Aryol wasn't Kasya, he was a man of his own, sunny and bright where Kasya had been somber and dark. In spite of their similar look, they were nothing alike.

But he knew that Lynx wouldn't have mentioned it now without a good reason.

His brows drew together, and he nodded, slowly.

"All right," he breathed, "but after you finish. I can take it. And...will hold me while he does it? I'd like that, comrade."

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei stroked his thumb over Leshovik's lower lip, gratified, somehow, that he didn't want Lynx to stop, even though he was willing.

"I'll hold you," he said.

He would. But his parted lips ached to kiss Leshovik again, and all he could do was give him a hedonist smile.

His eyes leveled on the sniper's, piercing and wanton.

"If you want me and Aryol, why don't you take both of us?"

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik's eyes widened.

"At the same time?" he asked, quietly shocked. He couldn't even figure out how...

Well. Actually, yes, he could. But that was something that would have never occurred to him on his own.

He laughed then, and shook his head.

"Christ, why not," he said, and caught Lynx's thumb with his lips, entrapping it briefly and sucking it tenderly.

He nodded to Lynx.

"All right. I can do that."

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: "How about it, Aryol? You want to slide in beside me?" Alexei murmured, without taking his eyes from Leshovik, thoroughly entranced by everything about him.

"Go on. Use the gun oil, and go slowly."

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol pulled his mouth away slowly, scarcely believing what he was hearing.

He sat back on his haunches, looking from Lynx to Leshovik, seeing nothing but warm hunger on both their faces.

He grinned, and nodded.

Aryol moved to retrieve the bottle of gun oil Leshovik had used to paint Lynx's cock until it had been dripping. Now, he did the same to himself, his hands shaking with eagerness as he eased the fluid over his length.

It felt deeply sensual, to prepare himself like this. Leshovik turned to watch him for a while, eyes lingering as Aryol slicked himself up.

Aryol watched as Leshovik sank down again, and began to kiss Lynx, their mouths moving slowly and hungrily together.

It made him finish what he was doing and put the bottle away, then carefully ease himself behind Leshovik, straddling Lynx's thighs.

He looked down as the way they were joined, then experimentally brought an already-slick finger to Leshovik's stretched and puckered skin, carefully working it inside.

Leshovik gasped into Lynx's mouth, back arching as Aryol explored the pathway, shivering as he felt Lynx's cock sliding against his finger.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: "That's it," managed Alexei, between taking Leshovik's rapacious and consuming lips against his own, eyes slatted. "Work him up a little."

"He can take you," he added, fondly, caressing the sniper's flushed cheek and falling into kissing him again, unable to stop.

Lynx found it easy to be wholly immersed in Leshovik, despite the fact that he was sharing him.

His lips traveled along the man's jaw.

"This will be incredible," he whispered. "Trust me, Viktor."

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: "Oh god," Leshovik said, breathlessly, feeling Aryol's penetration as a separate sensation, distinct from the deep and regular sliding motion of Lynx's cock.

His own cock struck the hard surface of Lynx's taut and muscled stomach with every thrust, sending sparks through him.

Aryol continued to stroke his finger inside with agonizing slowness, eventually adding a second finger, which made Leshovik buck.

"Shh," Aryol said, and Leshovik felt him place a soft kiss against his back.

Something about that made Viktor tremble, caught by raw emotion, and he pressed his lips against Lynx's neck.

"Hold me," he whispered again, shivering as Aryol gently slipped his fingers out and shifted, maneuvering behind him.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: "Da, moyo zolotse," Lynx replied in a hush. "Feels good, doesn't it."

Alexei wrapped his arms tightly around Leshovik, and tenderly rubbed his back and buttocks with a slow and soothing hand.

He closed his eyes, knowing that when Aryol's cock eased inside the tight sheath, Leshovik wouldn't be the only one seeing stars.

Even the intrusion of Aryol's fingers had racheted the divine tension and sensation up several notches.

"Go slow," he repeated, for Aryol's benefit.

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik felt Aryol press the head of his cock against his slick, puckered skin, holding there with a constant pressure that made him shudder.

Aryol held his hips firmly but gently, and then moved back, poking his cock against both his opening and Lynx's slick erection, but drawing away again before penetration. Aryol did that several times, pressing, then retreating, until the building motion grew enough to make Leshovik hungry for it.

Leshovik gasped and shuddered, but he caught his breath long enough to swallow.

"It's okay," he told Aryol. "I'm ready. You can do it."

He felt Aryol kiss his back again, then press a little harder, using a finger around the rim to help ease the penetration.

His body gave with a suddenness that turned his vision almost dark as the tip of Aryol's cock slipped inside him, the tightness of it making all three of them gasp, nearly in unison.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Lynx stilled, hands stroking Leshovik's sand-bright hair mindlessly, firmly, kissing the side of his gasping mouth.

He wanted to give Aryol a chance to work himself in before resuming his motion, but waiting was sweet torment. No matter. It would be all the good they could stand, all too soon.

His jaw tightened, as he felt the pressure and friction begin to increase.

Aryol's glans had slipped past the ring-piece, and that was half the battle.

"God," he breathed. "It's been a while since I've done this."

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik noted Lynx's words dimly, but even they seemed unreal, and he found himself wondering just how much experience with sex in groups Lynx had managed over the years, not that it mattered now.

He trembled, returning Lynx's kisses with a craving, simultaneously wanting more but relieved he couldn't have it yet.

Aryol rested, panting against his back, letting all of them get acclimated to the sensation. They needed the breather, just to rest and relax again, and get ready for the next step.

After a while, Aryol shifted again, and Leshovik trembled, stretched by building pressure as Aryol leaned forward.

"I'm going to go deeper now," his spotter whispered to him, and it was all he could do to nod.

Aryol's motion felt careful, incremental, but even so, challenged Leshovik's tolerances. His spotter entered gradually, pausing several times.

Leshovik let out a soft noise, finally shivering when he had two high hard cocks inside him, slipping and rubbing together, stretching him like he didn't think was possible, flooding him with pleasure.

Somehow he held, though, and managed not to break apart.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: "Christ in heaven," breathed Lynx, as Aryol began to shift.

He felt the other man's cock slide against his, flush and crushed together by the tight restriction of their shared lover.

It was necessarily slow, the first few strokes, as they tested the boundaries of motion.

Breathless and rapt, they gradually explored the interplay of dual penetration, learning each other's rhythm.

"Is it ok, comrade?" Alexei intoned, in a low, weighted voice with an undertone of concern.

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik made only a quiet murmur of assent at first, then had to gather the thought to spare for words.

"Good," he grunted. "Keep going."

He could not help the other low noises he made, especially when they moved inside him with opposite motions. Every one of those tore a shudder of breath from his throat and made him convulse.

The sensation of their cocks inside him him gasp and tremble and not have faculties for very much else.

Slowly he realized that the more he relaxed, the easier it became, and let go even a token resistance. He lay against Lynx's strong chest, just letting his body respond naturally.

After more strokes, they hit their rhythm, then Leshovik moved with them as they synced in slow motion.

"God," he said, on a shuddering breath, "I want you both to come inside me."

That thought gave him an erotic charge and he shuddered, tightening around them.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei felt Leshovik's weight give onto him, settling and solid. Boneless and prone, yielding utterly to the forces that moved him, but not being unmade by them.

That was how it should be.

"Da," he mumbled, against the soft prickling of Leshovik's scalp. "Khorosho, khorosho."

Lynx's own loins felt tight and hot with unthinkable and mounting pleasure, taunting release, and the sensual course of Aryol's prick along his own was decadent and depraved.

He savored every succulent pulse and give, each inception and resolution of motion.

"This is fucking wrong, bratan," he laughed, tightly, but he continued to thrust, feeling Leshovik constrict and hold them both like living iron.

[livejournal.com profile] eyes_adrift: Aryol laughed and arched into Leshovik, moving in time with each of Lynx's deep pushes. It felt effortless at the same time he worked at it, it felt exhilarating to be so uninhibited.

And there was something thrilling about being inside Leshovik. It made him feel older, or like they were closer in age. More like partners and lovers, instead of...

Aryol shuddered, and lost his train of thought.

Right now his world was flesh and motion, and pleasure that suffused him like warm sunlight.

Aryol held Leshovik's hips close, building with a steady force that thrummed and pulsed and grew inside him with every pass against Lynx's thick cock and Leshovik's tight muscle. He wanted to come hard and spill against them both, christening their future partnership.

Aryol reached his hand around Leshovik's hips in one of the spaces between their joined bodies, threading his fingers around Leshovik's cock, holding him flush against his groin and rubbing the underside with his fingertips.

Leshovik bucked, convulsing, and Aryol laughed again, leaning down to skim a kiss across his shuddering back.

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik writhed with a pleasure he'd never known, speared by two lovers, held by both.

Each dual, intimate strike shot into his core, charging him with ecstasy like an engine's piston, too potent to be numbing, too sweet to be painful.

"God...oh fucking christ...yes..."

His mouth ran away with near-incoherent moans of blasphemous worship. Leshovik wasn't aware of what he was saying, but simply felt compelled to laud the moment.

He clutched at Lynx's skin as he threw his head back, gasping for breath and straining to shudder.

And then, like something unreal, he caught a motion. A figure at the mouth of the cave, ducking under the tarp and suddenly freezing.

"Oh...god," he breathed, convulsing with shock and abrupt recognition. "Fuck! Lemsky!"

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: "What?" he exclaimed, blinking, pausing in his motion as he felt Leshovik freeze atop him.

Alexei had been deep in a trance, somewhere between bliss and oblivion.

Leshovik had been hissing and grinding out a loud of surprising sounds and dirty words, and he was thoroughly enjoying them, until the last one.

An aroused and focused Aryol responded slightly belatedly, glancing up and taken aback, his thrusts stilling slowly, like a clockwork soldier winding down.

They were all looking now, and no longer moving. Just frozen in state, the most obscene military statue in of Mother Russia.

Lemsky's eyes were unreadable, as always, but his mouth was prized slightly ajar.

Alexei managed a wry smile from beneath the weight of his comrades.

"Close your mouth, or you'll catch a flying dick," he said, with irreverent calm.

[livejournal.com profile] lemsky: Lemsky made no expression.

"Looks like the sniper caught two. Must have been talking out his ass."

He looked at them for some time, eyes roving over their conjoined bodies, as if trying to solve a puzzle.

"Well, this is one tactical maneuver I haven't seen any of you use before. So this is what you all do while I'm away."

His smile was crisp and without lightness.

"Et tu, Lynx?"
[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik's mouth twisted, shock giving way to outrage immediately. He fought to catch his breath, chest shaking in the wake of exertion, slick with sweat, shoulders rising.

He shifted, profoundly conscious of the weight of two cocks now quieted, but still pulsing inside him.

"What the fuck? Fucking Christ on a flagpole, Lemsky. Can't you fucking knock?"

His glare shot bullseyes across the cave.

"You're damn right this is what we do when you're away. You're gone for weeks, and now you come back, and act like have the right to just walk in whenever you like? Like you belong here?"

Leshovik's gaze boiled as he searched Lemsky's vaguely distant and disdainful expression.

"Fuck, Lemsky, do you fucking mind? We're not finished, so why don't you find something else to do for a while?"

[livejournal.com profile] lemsky: Lemsky eyed the sniper, briefly, captive in his erotic cage of slick, muscled arms and legs, flanked by his two dark-headed companions.

His velvet-short hair was ruffled and rough as a golden bird's plumage, his eyes bright with fever and choler.

Leshovik was angry, Lemsky decided, though he'd never been instinctively good at reading social cues. He'd learned how to decode human expressions, out of necessity, somewhere along the line.

Aryol and Lynx remained paused in action, wearing expressions of amusement and indifference, respectively.

"With pleasure."

Lemsky gave him a mincing shrug.

It was better that way, in any case. When he gave them the news of what he'd done single-handedly, he wanted them to be all eyes and ears for him, and not focused on some pretzel-making game of repulsive barrack fever.

He turned and ducked out the way he'd come, mild as milk.

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: "Fuck," Leshovik said after Lemsky left, silently fuming at the interruption.

It was the only sound in the cave until Aryol started laughing quietly.

"Christ," Aryol said. "That should have been embarrassing, but it was kind of funny instead."

Leshovik's features narrowed to cut diamond, and he looked over his shoulder to glare at his spotter.

"It wasn't funny," he growled, but Aryol just laughed and drew his arms around Leshovik's stomach and pressed his face against his shoulder.

It felt good. Leshovik let out a slow breath.

"It's okay," Aryol murmured, then flexed his hips and shifted inside him, a small but tangible reminder of how it had been before they'd been interrupted.

Leshovik arched a little, just to remember, and brought his gaze back down to Lynx.

"Christ," he said quietly, shaking his head.

If he squinted sideways, he could almost see the humor in it.

Leshovik met Lynx's eyes, fighting the rueful twitch of his mouth.

"Why can't these people just leave us alone today?"

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei averted his eyes, to avoid smiling at what should be a very solemn and indecent moment.

"I have a new empathy for our little pair of lovebirds," he muttered, thinking that as his commander, he would have chastised Isaev for being incautious, having it off in the open air- he would have told him to keep it to the barracks, or at least to a fucking foxhole, for Christ's and safety's sake-

Great advice, when even a tent and the audible sounds of three soldiers rough-rogering had failed to alert the ever-observant Lemsky.

Alexei shifted his hips, obligingly, as he could feel Aryol champing at the bit, or chafing at the prick, maybe more accurately.

He wasn't exactly wild about the idea of getting off with Lemsky just outside, listening, knowing- but there was no leaving a man high and dry in a situation like this. Not if you didn't want a punch in the face once he'd pulled his pants up and buckled his belt.

Lynx was faltering in inspiration, at just that moment. Still hard, but not motivated.

He licked his lip, slowly, and closed his eyes, trying to banish Lemsky from his mind.

"What did you say, just before this? That you want us to come inside you? Both of us? In your ass?"

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik had to think a moment.

He'd been saying a lot of things before they'd been interrupted, and now he didn't remember half of them. Most of them. Fucking Lemsky.

"Yeah..." he said, slowly. "I want both of you to come inside me."

It sounded lukewarm, the way he said it, like a tepid spongebath even though only minutes earlier, he'd been drowning in hedonism.

His scowl deepened. "Oh, we are not fucking stopping now."

Aryol's arms convulsed, clutching more tightly around him.

"What? Who said anything about stopping? I can't stop."

Leshovik ground his teeth, but relented, arching his spine, tightening around them. He had the easy part in this whole venture, of course, to sit back and be fucked, at least from that perspective.

Taking two cocks at once was another matter entirely.

"Christ. I'm not finished with this ride," he growled, arching more deeply now, bearing down on both of them.

"Fuck, come on, we can't leave it like this. We'll all go insane."

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Lynx frowned, sighing.

"I've lost motivation for the moment, comrades."

His cock was still obstinately hard, but it was not a pleasant feeling.

"You two finish up, get each other off. I don't want anyone going insane on my watch."

He attempted a smile, and shifted, easing out of Leshovik, carefully, trying not to displace Aryol in the process. Sliding out from beneath the sniper, and pushing him gently back .

Alexei wondered if he'd wound up with a mark from Leshovik's dog tags swinging into his face.

He stood up, pulling on his fatigues and boots.

"I have to go down," he said, hesitating, glancing at Leshovik. "You know why."

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Leshovik grimaced as he felt Lynx pull out, and grit his teeth as his body clutched convulsively around Aryol, closing the void. Abruptly it hurt because he'd gone too tense, and Aryol hissed as he tightened like a vise around metal.

But he knew it would hurt more to move, one way or the other, so he grabbed Aryol's arm, and held it close.

He watched Lynx dress in silence until he was fully clothed, but then glanced at him briefly, and gave a short nod.

"Okay," he told Lynx.

Leshovik looked away after the briefest eye contact, feeling unsettled, and vaguely uneasy, like the spell that had been woven to change the mundane into magic was slowly unraveling and lifting its illusion. Somehow, though, he sensed it couldn't cloak people, only circumstances, but he knew from experience those could be enough.

After a second, he lifted his head, and met Lynx's gaze.

"Watch your back," he added, quietly.

[livejournal.com profile] snow_death: Alexei nodded, and didn't look back. Let them take care of themselves.

He would take care of what he had to take care of. Like he always did.

Lynx left the tent, clearing his mind of everything but his purpose.

He found Lemsky sitting in a camp chair, reading a book about mushrooms.

He passed the toxicologist without a word, but he heard Lemsky's quiet voice ring out behind him.

"Don't you want to know what I was doing today, while you all were playing multiple missile silo?" he said, innocuously.

Alexei sighed, pausing.

"No," he said. "None of your little plague hobbies are relevant to the big picture."

"I disagree, Lynx." Lemsky paused, delicately. "But wherever are you going?"

"Out. You can play with deadly mushrooms and poison frogs all you want. I have a target to identify and compromise. Our mission is Volgin."

Lemsky smiled, and Lynx felt a plummeting unease at the sight of that deceptively normal expression, an expression that on another person would be wholly benign, even pleasant.

But Lemsky's smile packed nettles and thorns in its wake.

"Never mind that the snipers missed their mark, commander."

Lemsky steepled his slim fingers and touched them to his mouth, looking all too pleased with himself.

"I took care of it."

Alexei froze, even while his world kept turning.

"You what?" he echoed, and his throat rasped dryly.

"I poisoned him. He'll be dead soon enough," chuckled Lemsky. "If he's not already," he added, idly.

"You poisoned-" stuttered Lynx, feeling everything inside him seize and shudder, as cold, viscous dread ran over him in rivulets like invisible sweat. "You poisoned Volgin?"

Lemsky smiled, shrugging.

"It was nothing."

Lynx's heart pounded and his hands clutched in fury, and worry and horror.

Zhenya. Zhenya. Zhenya, no...

"What did you poison?" he managed to ask, in a low, soft, deathly tone.

Lemsky should have had the sense to be very afraid of him at that moment, but Lemsky didn't have anything as healthy as a normal fear response.

Meanwhile, he regarded Lemsky's self-satisfied posture, and slender, smugly crossed arms.

"Volgin loves...chocolates. He has them shipped in all the way from Belgium. At great personal expense." The lithe man seemed almost amused, and Alexei's slow-burning wrath racheted up another notch. "I intercepted them."

"That was never the plan," Alexei said, with difficulty.

"The plan failed, comrade, because your snipers were apparently too busy scoping out each other. They missed the shot. I took it. I thought you'd be pleased, Lynx, really."

This last, with hubris and a touch of indignation. He was upset that his prowess had not been acknowledged.

"The plan," Alexei repeated, taking a step forward, silently, large hand moving unconsciously to a kill strike position, "was to make this look like a generic act of wetwork, you fucked mouth. Something that could be pinned and written off on anyone- any agency, any country. A clean, untraceable kill that would be dismissed with a minimum of panic-"

His jaw clenched.

"..and not some elaborate Rube-Goldberg faggotry that would point toward a personal vendetta."

Alexei's brow gathered like a stormfront, and his eyes narrowed into blue slits of rage. His voice was utterly modulated and precise."

"I'm going to deal with you, Lemsky. But first, I'm going down to Groznyj Grad and infiltrating the Colonel's quarters to retrieve your fucking mistake. And you'd best fucking hope he doesn't eat those chocolates before I get there."

Because if you hurt him, Lemsky-

If you hurt him, I am going to make you suffer like no sociopath has ever suffered.

"I'll teach you empathy through unrelenting pain, you sick fuck."

[livejournal.com profile] leshovik: Frowning, Leshovik watched Lynx go.

The man stalked toward the cave mouth with quiet purpose, ducking gracefully under the tarp and then disappearing, like it were easy to walk away.

Minutes before, they'd been as close as men could be, fully engaged in carnal knowing, and now, Leshovik found himself feeling a gulf, regardless of the interruption.

Lynx wasn't the only one who'd lost interest, he thought, and shook Aryol's arm, then let it go.

"Get off," he said.

"What? Why?"

Aryol didn't make a move to disengage, but instead wrapped his hand firmly around Leshovik's still-hard cock, and pushed closer, which hurt.

Leshovik grimaced. "I'm not in the fucking mood anymore, you – "

He caught himself and broke off abruptly, jaw tightening at what he'd been about to say.

His shoulders slumped. "Okay, whatever, go ahead and finish, I don't care."

Aryol let go. "Yeah, that's appealing."

He pulled out of Leshovik with an abrupt motion, which also hurt, though in different ways. Leshovik rested there, quietly, watching out of the corner of his eye as Aryol retrieved his jumpsuit.

"Sorry," Leshovik said, after Aryol had dressed.

"Yeah, me too," Aryol said quietly, then walked back to their bivouac, and slipping inside without looking back, either.

Leshovik let out a breath, and pressed his fingers and thumb to the bridge of his nose before hauling himself back to his feet. His stomach felt tight, knotted with cramps, but he didn't know if it was from the hard fucking or the cold, abrupt end to their depravity.

He looked around for his jumpsuit, then pulled it on silently. He stepped into his boots and stuck one of Lynx's cigarettes in his mouth as he headed out and under the tarp.
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November 2009


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